28 mayo 2011

A New Swan Queen

"Unfortunately, I am starting to realize how vengeful, hateful, uncompassionate, and selfish people are. It's an inevitable lesson to be learned by teenagers, i suppose. I still alive a fantasy world in wich people are compassionate, admit to their wrongs and are decent human beings. I hope to soon snap out of this silly thought process through. And see, without glasses, that the human race is a whole disappointing and disgusting, and thinking or expecting anything more is dumb on my part and will any lead to more feeling of disgust and disapointment."

It isn't anyone's fault, it's just how is it.

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Ek dijo...

I like your fantasy world is everyone's dream, a place where people are good, where there is always equality, where people live their lives fully, where human knowledge is equal for all, where there are no lies, where people are not blinded by the curtain of ignorance that covers them, and condemns them to live their lives as they have since the beginning of time.

I like your fantasy world, the sad thing is that just a fantasy.