23 septiembre 2012

Missing you :(

People say She loves her in a crazy way, and that makes her the most stupid person because she´s living the same lie once again, but she keeps loving her in that huge way.

I love you like stupid.

You should be happy babe...

19 septiembre 2012


She didn't say it.

                                                                                          but I still remember her voice, of one year ago~

12 septiembre 2012

Filled with people that are less important than you.

Love, love, love...what is it good for?

To meet your eyes across 10361.069351818887 kilometers.

09 septiembre 2012


I'm in love with her life.

I want to die in her.

How you can love someone that much?

Llevatelo todo y quédate conmigo.

Quiero morir de amor por ti.