30 octubre 2012

Rage Girl.

Yes, I'm angry, because she thinks I'll be here for her an eternity, and is true.

I saw born too many children. They are so little, so afraid... unprotected...

Why? Why? Why? (That's our word, Haku's and mine)

I'm so tired, so tired, I want to sleep and sleep and sleep... but it's a kind of tired that sleep can't fix.

I don't want this life. I don't want it.

And I don't like my "boyfriend." I don't enjoy being with him, I don't like his kisses, I don't like his face, I just don't know why I keep being with him.

I hate it.

21 octubre 2012

I miss her.

someday, you’ll tell me everything, right?
about the sad things, the painful things, the happy things…everything.
I’m sure, someday

10 octubre 2012

"What do you want actually" (He said...)

People I've lost, If I get them back, will ended fucking me as hell before make me happy.

09 octubre 2012