31 julio 2012

...hasta las alcachofas tienen corazón.

How to start?


The thing is, since I don't like people know this side of me, and I need get out of this depression, I'll write here things I don't want everybody know, I have another blog to the life I want people see, is not a lie, but this is the part, I hide behind that smile.

Is good people doesn't know you at all. You don't have to explain everybody what happens to you, and is better just them knows you as the "funny girl" or whatever.

This is the part of me, maybe the real part.

Since she left me, things not get better, get worse maybe. I got a boyfriend days ago, is a good boy, is cute, is romantic, is... kind of handsome?

I know him since I was... 15 maybe? Nothing really relevant, he just loved me in secret and I knew it, we talked just before I finished my studies in preparatory, nothing more than "Hello" he was a friend of my friend, thats why I met him.
We talked again on Facebook, and the same... nothing relevant, till I invited him to my Uncle´s wedding... and we kissed and everything started... "I deserve a chance" I said to myself.
I like to be with him, is funny... he likes books and museums, things I like... but even he said it "Your heart is like a potato" "I hope someday you get this words in your rock heart" things like that...

I always have been like this, be romantic is not... my type, but I tried some with the red haired, and I loved it... everything was perfect with her, all natural of me, nothing forced.

This is going in a good way with him. Is something new, not something to "replace"

I've modeling in some things, with friends, with people who I don't know but them are so glad that I worked with them, it's funny... I like it.

I go to the hospital with my father, he has cancer, and I thing i'm weak enough to die with him. Hard days come.

I miss her, and sometimes I lose control. Time. Time...

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Can do you it? dijo...

sabes desde hace mucho he leído tus entradas, pero nunca había comentado, igual no te son de interés los comentarios.
Cierto igual solo necesitas que los demás piensen que uno es una persona normal, porque el que sepan otras cosas igual no ayudan siempre.
Siento lo de tu padre, en estos momentos es cuando uno debe mantenerse mas fuerte.