10 enero 2012


The wind calm down after yesterday's hurricane
I like the wind, I like unconstrained wind
Wind, I am at the center of it
I feel relief

Everytime the sun sets,

Shadows begins to overflow the room
The air start to divide into two
Then divide two into four
It starts to disintegrate

That moment,
Sounds start to wave in my head
From sometime ago, it was like this

I can't remember when

The shadows of those who take in the brightest light is thick
The strong sun attack me again today
Black tears, Bright smile, Colorless me
A world without color

It hurts even without wound

It doesn't hurt even with wound

A wound which couldn't be comforted

A wound which will maybe comforted


I sit alone vacantly in darkness room

I hear music in my ears though I didn't turn the music on.

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