27 junio 2010

Simple and amazing.

Three months sounds a lot, it sounds little.

It's amazing the way she does.

Because she makes me be what i wasn't, what I really am, and what I need to be.

Life is not easy, work, school, all with the university, the family and people who do not stop.

But she, is of that kind of people that make life more enjoyable, it gives me joy, she makes my life don't be unbearable.

She is crazy when i am crazy.
We cry together and laugh together.

When you are in love, you say you want to be with that person for life, there are many factors.
Passing love is the most common.

That's not my case.

When you're with a person that makes you well, when there is love, trust, when you speak and are heard, undersnting to be with someone forever.

And I want to be with Naya forever.

The distance hurts, and perhaps that is our biggest problem.

However, try not to think about it, and just enjoy the time she is giving me.

Today is our third anniversary.

I have much to say, but i just will tell it to her.

Naya, you are my life, thank you for being with me. I love you.

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